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What I’ve learned as a founder, growth strategist, and no code builder

No-Code App Builder Investment Memo

Summary The no-code app builder space is poised for growth over the next few years, supported by favorable tailwinds exacerbated by COVID-19’s impact on the labor market. Bubble and Adalo are promising companies in the space, leveraging their communities to build strong user retention. Although the sector faces risks stemming from skepticism about no-code appContinue reading “No-Code App Builder Investment Memo”

3 things to know before building an accelerator

As the tech industry reckons with the legacies of institutional racism and looks to support underrepresented entrepreneurs, companies & funds are developing more Immerse-like programs that are new-to-world. My goal with this piece is to offer a little guidance to help lessen the learning curve and improve outcomes for everyone involved. Before building, make sureContinue reading “3 things to know before building an accelerator”

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